Celica Fujisawa (Culinary Specialist)
Hawaii Island Culinary Specialist, Anti-Aging Adviser, Medical Herbs Coordinator, Executive Editor,


Journeyed overseas inquest of unknown world tasty foods when I was just 19 and it was not easy to travel abroad for a sole Japanese lady those days. However, not a few new discoveries and experiences of wide variety of exotic foods and liquors were great and indispensable essence for my whole life and carrier. “Oishii” is a magic spell and “Oishii” can change human’s life.


Born in Tokyo 1961 and started carrier as a female editor for woman’s magazine in major publishing company. Later changed carrier as a culinary specialist.
More than 40 years Hawaii freak and enthusiast, versed well in American sweet goods, like Hawaiian foods and sweets, Pancake, etc.
On the other hand, studied and experienced as a food specialist under famous French and Pastry chefs. Traveled overseas a lot for example, to Bali island, Thailand, Middle East, Africa, Europe, America and worked in there at restaurant, cafe, bar for further local culinary understanding.
Currently, publishing culinary recipe books as a main carrier activity and developing or producing “Collaboration Sweets” with owners of food manufacture, cafe, restaurant, pancake store and famous musicians.
Not only culinary specialist carrier, went into action as an anti-aging adviser, medical herbs coordinator. Developed own theory of female rejuvenation from 40’s and then appeared a lot of seminars and lectures.
Unique techniques as visualizing and trendy feeling sweets and home cooking also “Doctor advised” healthy and beauty recipes became now a great demand by wide range of medias such as TV, radio programs, magazines.
Published more than 50 books up to now. All books’ motto is creating recipes as easy and delicious cooking for beginners.