New Cooking Recipe Development, New Product Development and Produce

Welcome various clients such from restaurant, cafe, food manufacture, cooking book publisher, TV, Web. Contents, etc.

ALOHA DELI (Catering Service)

Catering service for small and/or big event or party with considering theme of its party.


Lecture and demonstration of various themes such like “Anti-Aging Foods”, “World Medical Herbs”, “Cooking with Coconuts Oil”, “Hawaiian Culture”, etc.

We could provide you and/or company with various services in English.

English curriculum vitae (CV) on behalf writing.

English resume on behalf writing.

English e-mail on behalf writing.
English daily, weekly, monthly, visit reports on behalf writing.
Basic video English training.
Westernization business consultant.

Southpoint (Contents & Publishing Creation)

Various web. contents and publishing creation by “Southpoint” professional team members.

“Southpoint” team members consist of professional creator, stylist, art director, designer, writer, model, food technologist, dietitian, photographer, editor and publish your original books.

The Rainbow Cafe (Online Shop)

Online shop business for Rainbow bread, Bagel, Bask Cheese Cake, Rose Water, etc.

Out of Sight Cooking School

Up to 100 guests cooking school in various countries domestic and overseas. The theme and menu can be requested. Done past in Fukushima, Chiba, Okinawa prefecture and overseas in Vietnam, Hawaii, Spain, Bali Island.